Save On Energy Peak Perks FAQ

Can I add my virtual prepaid Mastercard® to my digital wallet?

You can now add your virtual prepaid Mastercard® to your digital wallet.

Who do I contact if I am having difficulty accessing My Prepaid Center to redeem my virtual prepaid Mastercard®?

If you are having difficulty signing up or logging into My Prepaid Center to claim your virtual prepaid Mastercard®, please contact My Prepaid Center at 1-888-371-2109.

What is the Save On Energy Peak Perks program?
  • Peak Perks™ rewards residential electricity consumers who own an eligible smart thermostat for reducing their energy use when demand for electricity in Ontario is high during the summer months. This helps to reduce stress on the electricity grid and ensure a reliable supply of electricity for you and your community.

  • Participants agree to brief adjustments of up to two degrees Celsius to their thermostats up to 10 times during peak periods of electricity demand from June 1 to September 30.

  • These adjustments to your thermostat typically last no more than three hours and will not occur on weekends or holidays.

  • Prior to an event, your thermostat may be adjusted down slightly to pre-cool your home so that you remain comfortable while an event is taking place.

  • Once an event ends, your thermostat will return to its original temperature setting.

How will I know if I’m eligible to participate?

To be eligible to participate in Peak Perks, you must:

  • Be a residential electricity customer in Ontario* with central air conditioning that is controlled by your smart thermostat. Heat pumps that are part of central air conditioning are also eligible.

  • Use an eligible, internet-connected thermostat to control your central air conditioning

  • Not be participating in any other residential demand response program in Ontario where your thermostat is automatically adjusted to maintain reliability of the electricity grid

  • Be a residential customer in a single-family home.

Electricity customers who reside in Cornwall, Ontario are connected to the Hydro Quebec electricity grid and therefore are not eligible to participate in Peak Perks.

What is the incentive for participating in Peak Perks and when will I receive it?
  • When you enroll in Peak Perks, you will receive a $75 virtual prepaid Mastercard® that will be sent to you at the email address used to sign up for the program. You will receive the prepaid card within 60 days of being accepted into the program.

  • You will then receive a $20 virtual prepaid Mastercard® in 2025 for your continued participation in that year if you enrolled before September 30, 2024.

  • Your virtual prepaid Mastercard® will be sent to the email address used to register in the Peak Perks program. It will be sent from the email address. You should add this address to your address book/whitelist to ensure that you receive the incentive email.

  • The incentive is capped at three devices per eligible address. A home with a fourth device could still enroll in Peak Perks, but the fourth thermostat would not be eligible for the program and annual incentives.

  • Please note that the virtual prepaid Mastercard® expires within six months after it is issued to you.

Which thermostats qualify for the program?


Approved Thermostats

Radio Thermostat CT30, CT80, CT100; Trane ComfortLink Control; RCS Z-Wave Communicating Thermostat; GoControl Z-wave Thermostat; Smart Thermostat; 2GIG Z-Wave Plus™ Battery Powered Thermostat; Trane Z-Wave Thermostat; Linear Thermostat

Google Nest

Google Nest Thermostat, Google Nest Learning Thermostat, Google Nest Thermostat E


ecobee3, ecobee3 Lite, ecobee4, ecobee, SmartThermostat with voice control, ecobee Smart Thermostat Enhanced, ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium


Sensi™ Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat, Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat, Sensi Lite Smart Thermostat, Sensi Touch 2 Smart Thermostat

Honeywell Home

Wi-Fi T5+ Smart Thermostat, Wi-Fi T6 Pro Smart Thermostat, Wi-Fi T9 Smart Thermostat, Wi-Fi T10 Smart Thermostat

Honeywell TCC

Wi-Fi Smart Color Thermostat, Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Thermostat, Wi-Fi 9000 7-Day Programmable Thermostat, Wi-Fi 9000 Smart Thermostat, Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Smart Thermostat, Wi-Fi VisionPro 8000 Smart Thermostat, Wi-Fi Round Smart Thermostat

Additional smart thermostat makes and models may be eligible to participate in the program in 2024. Please check back regularly for updates.

Where can I find the Terms and Conditions for the program?


Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Google Nest

Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions

Honeywell Home

Terms and Conditions

How do I sign up for Peak Perks?
  • You can enroll in the Peak Perks program by visiting the program enrollment page, answering some questions and selecting your thermostat provider. You can also enroll through your thermostat provider’s mobile app or directly on your thermostat.

  • After you have applied, you will receive notification of your enrollment status to the email address provided in your account registration. Once your eligibility is confirmed, you will be enrolled in the program. If you encounter any difficulty enrolling, please contact us at

How will I know that a temperature adjustment is in progress?
  • Before an event begins, you may receive notifications depending on the settings in your smart thermostat app.

  • Depending on your thermostat provider, notifications may also appear on the thermostat.

How will my thermostat be adjusted?
  • If pre-cooling is used, your thermostat may be adjusted down by one degree for 30 minutes prior to the event. This is to help ensure your comfort during the event.

  • At the start of an event, your thermostat will be automatically adjusted up to two degrees Celsius above the current temperature setting.

  • The event will last no more than three hours on non-holiday weekday afternoons. Once the event is over, your thermostat will return to its normal setting.

Will participating in Peak Perks compromise my comfort?

You are always in control – you can opt out at any time during an event from your mobile device, or by simply adjusting your smart thermostat back to your desired comfort level.

Am I allowed to opt out of thermostat adjustment events?

Yes. During an event, you can opt out directly from your thermostat or in your thermostat manufacturer’s web/mobile application.

What should I do if I no longer want to participate in the program?

If you no longer wish to participate in Peak Perks, please send an email to, requesting to end your participation in the program. Once you have been unenrolled in the program, your thermostat will no longer be part of activations. You will not receive the annual participation incentive when you unenroll from the program.

Is there an option to receive a physical prepaid Mastercard® by mail?

Yes, we’ll automatically mail you a physical prepaid Mastercard® if you don’t activate your virtual incentive within 14 days. No action is required.

Will you be collecting my smart thermostat data and tracking my energy use?

Yes, the Peak Perks program will be collecting smart thermostat data and energy use in accordance with the terms and conditions of the program.

I live in a condo/apartment with a smart thermostat. Am I eligible to participate?

No, the program is currently offered to single-family homes and not to multi-unit condos or apartments.

I’m a renter in a home with an eligible smart thermostat? Can I participate?

Yes, if all other program requirements are met, renters may participate in the Peak Perks™ program.

Am I eligible for a new enrollment incentive if I replace my thermostat with a new model or brand?

No. If you replace your thermostat with an updated model or a new thermostat from a different brand, you will continue to participate in the program with your new thermostat, but you will not be eligible for a new enrollment incentive. You will still receive an annual incentive for your continued participation.

Can I enroll multiple properties that I own in Peak Perks?

Yes, you may enroll multiple properties in the Peak Perks program if all program requirements are satisfied. The incentive is capped at three devices per eligible address. A home with a fourth device could still enroll in Peak Perks, but the fourth thermostat would not be eligible for the enrollment and annual incentives.

What does peak electricity demand mean?

Peak demand is when consumer demand for electricity is at its highest. In Ontario, this typically occurs in the afternoon during the summer months – the hottest part of the day, when air conditioning is being used. The Peak Perks program rewards you for reducing your energy use during these peak electricity demand periods to help reduce stress on the electricity grid and ensure a reliable supply of electricity for you and your community.

Why should I participate in Peak Perks?

Participating in Peak Perks is an easy way to be rewarded for managing your electricity consumption and costs at home. Not only will you be financially rewarded, you are helping your community and the province by reducing stress on the grid on the hottest days. By taking part in Peak Perks, you are supporting a brighter Ontario by contributing to a reliable, affordable and sustainable grid.

Is Save on Energy working with a third party to deliver Peak Perks?

Save on Energy is working with authorized third parties, EnergyHub and EnergyHub’s service providers Choice Digital and Blackhawk Network, to administer certain elements of the Peak Perks program. You may receive updates or responses to email inquiries from EnergyHub, Choice Digital, or Blackhawk Network on behalf of Save on Energy. You will be prompted to sign up for the My Prepaid Center application operated by Blackhawk Network to redeem your virtual prepaid Mastercard®. These are legitimate email communications from Save on Energy program representatives and My Prepaid Center is supporting the incentive fulfillment function for Peak Perks. If in doubt about any Peak Perks-related communications, please contact us at

How does this program differ from Hydro One’s myEnergy Rewards program?
  • Peak Perks and Hydro One’s myEnergy Rewards program are both residential demand response programs through which your smart thermostat is automatically adjusted to help maintain the reliability of the electricity grid.

  • The Peak Perks program is available to residential customers across Ontario regardless of who is their local electric utility provider. myEnergy Rewards is only available to Hydro One’s residential customers.

  • Hydro One customers have the option to sign up for myEnergy Rewards, or they can sign up for the Peak Perks program. The choice is theirs. Customers are encouraged to review the program rules for both programs to inform their decision.

Can I participate in Peak Perks if I’m already participating in Hydro One’s myEnergy Rewards program?
  • To be eligible to participate in Peak Perks, you cannot be actively enrolled in any other residential demand response program in Ontario, including Hydro One’s myEnergy Rewards demand response program.

  • Hydro One customers can learn more about myEnergy Rewards by visiting the program page.

I was contacted by someone claiming to be from Save on Energy. Do you contact people directly to solicit participation in your programs?

Save on Energy does not call, contact, or come to the homes of residential consumers to solicit participation in our programs, including Peak Perks. If you receive a call or home visit from someone claiming to represent Save on Energy, please exercise caution and contact us at to report any fraudulent activity.

What if I get an email from Blackhawk Network Support requesting a government-issued ID?
  • In some cases, when a customer attempts to activate their gift card, they may receive a message from Blackhawk Network Support (BHN) asking them for a government-issued ID.

  • Blackhawk Financial uses this security measure to prevent potentially fraudulent requests.

  • You have two options to resolve this issue:

    • You can provide the requested ID to confirm your identity and proceed with the transaction.

    • You can email and request a new gift card to be sent to you.

How are you ensuring the privacy and protection of my personal information?
  • Peak Perks, which is administered by the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) under the Save on Energy brand, is committed to the protection of personal information in accordance with all applicable privacy laws. Individuals who elect to participate in the Peak Perks program will be fully informed about what personal information will be collected and how it will be used by EnergyHub and Blackhawk Network. Your informed consent will be obtained prior to informing your smart thermostat provider that you are participating in the program and before collecting any information needed to estimate energy savings collected from your smart thermostat provider. This information will be accessible only to the IESO and its authorized program delivery partner, EnergyHub.

  • The IESO maintains robust safeguards to protect against the unauthorized collection, use, disclosure and disposal of personal information in its custody or under its control. The IESO requires its program delivery partners who collect or process personal information on the IESO’s behalf to provide equivalent safeguards. Please refer to the program terms and conditions or contact us directly at if you have any questions about how the information you provide as part of participating in Peak Perks will be used.

What if I have additional questions about the program?

For more information about participating in Peak Perks, please visit the program page, email, or call (877) 793 - 7375.